Our Story Begins With Love

Tydus used to be a Malaysian who lives in Singapore since young due to economic, educational circumstances like most people. No other choices were better at the time except Singapore.

He is thankful to Singapore, for giving him the education and financial background to be an entrepreneur. Deep in his heart, however, he loves his root in Malaysia, the culture, the life, and the people in Malaysia.

There is a kind of teamwork and bond relationships you can only find in Malaysia. He had created two companies in Singapore before starting QUALIS NUTRI SKINCARE.

He is an avid swimmer, a swimming instructor by the day, and a website designer at night. He created QUALIS NUTRI SKINCARE with two goals, to help himself and others live out their best possible life.

QUALIS NUTRI SKINCARE will become a platform for all people to work hard, get rich, and help people around the world with the best skincare products and services.

Tydus: “I hope that all my friends in the world, to stop living in mediocrity and start living a good life he or she should be living.

A life never worried and tied down by money anymore.

Family Life

Growing up was tough in Singapore as a foreigner boy. Most of his childhood is spent mostly alone due to an argument he had with his parent and relatives since young.

He grew up lonely, feeling no people truly understand him, his visions, his goals, and aspirations. Besides, there wasn’t anyone to support his entrepreneurial journey.

He left his house after starting his businesses, learning the importance of being self-sufficient, he decided he is on his own to make it in this world. What he discovered is not new, but it is hard for some to stomach. He understood that he was on his own, just like everyone is.

As An Employee

He graduated from a local university in Singapore. He used to work as a swim instructor, a writer, and once a general manager in a listed company.

He did not enjoy the experience, he decided to follow his calling, and a greater purpose in life to help himself and others to live out a better life.

He feels that he has a lot of goals, but the goals will never materialize if he continues the 9 to 5 job.

Hide not your talents. They for use were made.

~ Benjamin Franklin


He loves reading and writing, and is a devout Catholic, he does his prayer every day. Tydus is a religious person and strongly believes in one God which had guided him to a journey of living a successful, virtuous life.

His role models, are Benjamin Franklin, Aristotle, and Thomas Aquinas. He always reminds himself to live out the highest life God had wanted him to live.

Tydus firmly believes in the concept of “sharing”. To him, Qualis Nutri is not just a startup platform, it is also a place where his team can call home. He is proactive and strongly believes in leading his team in expanding markets across the world. The education and training of his team are also very close to his heart.

Then do not squander time for that’s the stuff life is made of

Benjamin Franklin

Be the first change you want to see in the world ~ Gandhi

“I aspire to lead more people and families into attaining a better life.”

“We will be a team of people, the kind of family that will set the examples for the world!”

Qualis Nutri is a platform for entrepreneurs like you, we make startup easier for everyone. We encourage the sharing of resources, teamwork, and reduces competition. On an equal standing, everyone here in our team is valued, respected, and appreciated.

Unleash your potential and finish what you were made to be, the entrepreneur you are, and reach for your entrepreneurial dreams!

Let’s become successful together, are you ready? Join Nutri-X team today!

Investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Benjamin Franklin
Founder of Qualis Nutri

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