Jasmine Essential Oil

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Jasmine essential oil (Jasmine Officinale) is an exceptional flower that blooms only at night. The aroma from Jasmine flower and essential oil is pleasing, sweet, and romantic.

The soothing, warm aroma is believed to provide several health benefits linked to skincare and stress reduction.

Jasmine has been known through history for boosting emotions and act like a psychological and spiritual mood accord.

They are beneficial to skin and hair health. It promotes good-looking, healthy, glowing skin and reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and appearances of blemishes.

It has been known widely in the world throughout history for balancing feminine energy and spurring romance.

Jasmine’s magnificent aroma from the Jasmine flowers encourages a feeling of euphoria, joy, splendor, and romance.

  • Improves meditation
  • Regarded as an aphrodisiac
  • Boosting the mood promotes a positive feeling 
  • Make you feel more alert and energetic 
  • Provides antiseptic properties
  • Used to improve a soothing massage 
  • Provides hair and skin nourishment 
  • Creates inspiring and elevating mood environment 
  • Antiseptic and promotes antimicrobial activities
  • Rid exhaustion
  • Reduces depression 
  • Lock in moisture on your skin and hair scalp

In the past, the only way to do extractions of Jasmine Essential Oil is through multi-step extraction methods.

The complex processes practiced by 98% of the world now for extraction of Jasmine oil includes separating the volatiles from the resins and waxes, with the product being called an absolute.

Steam distillation is never an option due to the delicate nature of the jasmine petals.

After many decades of researches, Qualis Nutri and partners had found the perfect solution to successfully extract pure and natural essential oils from the Jasmine flowers through a method called solvent extractions.

Solvent extractions can be used on the extractions of all flowers but are commonly used on fragile, delicate flowers that are otherwise unable to withstand the conditions required for steam distillation.

Qualis Nutri makes sure to always choose a good solvent that will impact and minimizes any alterations to the unique fragrance from Jasmine Essential Oil and to maximizes the most beneficial properties of the Jasmine absolutes.

Solvent processing or distillations of essential oils are known to produce absolutes only rich, authentic fragrances.

Qualis Nutri Jasmine’s essential oil is guaranteed the best solvent extractions with Jasmine flowers hand-picked by our business owners in Persia.

Aromatic Description:

  • Sweet, floral, fresh, and new

Bath: You may also add a few drops of Jasmine essential oils into your warm bath, enjoy the spa aroma in your bath, indulge in your senses while you soak in water. It reduces stress and promotes relaxation. 

Massage: Mix a few drops of Jasmine essential oils into a neutral carrier oil like Jojoba or Avocado oil, and enjoy the scent of Jasmine while you massage. Apply the oils onto the palms of your hands, directly on the skin, and gently massage till it is absorbed into the skin. 

Skincare: Jasmine essential oil has cicatrizing effects on the skin and promotes the healing of wounds. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which are suitable for treating skin infections. You can include it in moisturizer, serums of your choice. 

Hair Care: You may include one or two drops of Jasmine essential oils into your pre-shampoo or after-shampoo deep conditioner, hair oil like Jojoba and Argan oil, and massage it directly into the scalp. This helps to soothe and lock in the moisture of the strands of your hair. In addition, it is an excellent moisturizing product for your natural, thick hair. 

Personal Aroma: Drip two to three drops of Jasmine essential oil to the pulse, points of the wrist and neck to create a warm and aromatic perfume aroma. You may add some flowery essential oils to produce a personalized cologne blend. 

Diffusion (Aromatherapy): Drip a few drops of jasmine essential oil into your home office nebulizer to create an inspiring, romantic environment.

Q: Why is Jasmine oil essential oil an absolute? 

A: The traditional method of essential oil extraction does not produce Jasmine essential oil in an appreciable amount. A new process is also known as solvent extraction, has to be used to make what we also called absolute. 

Through this solvent extraction, all the solvents are removed from the finished product, leaving this kind of fragrance very close to the natural smell of the plant materials. 

Q. Does Jasmine essential oil contain methyl jasmonate?

A. Yes, Jasmine essential oil contains methyl jasmonate.

Q. How many jasmine flowers does it take to produce Jasmine essential oil?

A. As an absolute, Jasmine essential oil requires approximately 225,000 fresh, unpacked jasmine blossoms to produce 30ml of Jasmine absolute.

Q. When is jasmine harvested?

A. The jasmine harvest starts in June and runs through December


Rid Exhaustion
Premium Plant
Skin Nourishment
Hair Nourishment
Reduces Depression
Improves Meditation
Earth - Friendly
Positive Mood


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