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Qualis Nutri is a professional healthcare commerce site established in 2018. We are registered and approved to provide you with the best healthcare-related products and services.

Our branch of services started up from Singapore and has recently expanded its market into Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

We are a team of visionaries, knowledgeable, energetic individuals, who always strive to provide useful products, services, and knowledge, empower our customers better and create more comfort for lives.

We want all to have the highest quality health care, and personal care related products and services at a price good enough that everyone can buy.

We only sell personal care, healthcare and well-living products, and services we know that is helpful, and good.


QUALIS NUTRI symbolizes the fruition of an amazing team.

At QUALIS NUTRI, we are a team of energetic, visionary, and innovative individuals. From its humble start in Singapore, QUALIS NUTRI has now expanded to Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

Qualis Nutri Origin

Qualis Nutri stands for the Brazilian official system with the purpose of classifying scientific production.

As the official system to classifying the best scientific production. We are always striving our very best to deliver the best products, services, breaking down all kinds of new challenges with innovative solutions and make the world a better place.

We pledge ourselves to guide man and woman to live a better lifestyle. We pursue our calling to make sure all people discover their potential, live up life to their best capacity, improve the world’s well being with great products and services.

Qualis Wealth System

” Happiness is best pursued by being a good person. ” ~ Aristotle

We strongly believe in pursuing happiness, gaining wealth by changing the world for the better. The way to wealth depends on two virtues “Frugality and Industry,” we hope to instill this knowledge to our customers, employee and more.

This new world is challenging and we believe having a moral system like virtue ethics to navigate in this dynamic new world is our best hope.

We provide opportunities and educate people to live a virtuous lifestyle. We provide side income benefits for people who would like to earn more, despite hectic family, or school life to pursue their interests.

” Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade? ” ~ Benjamin Franklin

We encourage people not to hide their talents, be competitive, make the best products, services for the world, have a bigger picture of the world, and create more happiness for everyone.

Only you can provide unique value to your customers. Break free from your working-class, students’ circumstances with additional income and sales experiences at the same time.

Qualis Nutri will open this new entrepreneurial opportunity for everyone. Take control of your life, break loose from the current social norms, and achieve your fullest potential.

Everyone is on their own, but that may be the most amazing thing in the world. You are in control to craft out your own future, help yourself and others live better lives.


Years of experience in essential oils and healthcare products


Years in the average of customers retention


and more countries served internationally.

The Mission

We are dedicated to bringing the best healthcare, essential oils advice, knowledge, products, and services via this platform.

We love to help and provide excellent customer service, and support to our clients on a long-term basis.

The Vision

To have every person in the community benefits from the best essential oils and healthcare services, delivering great products to satisfied customers all over the world.

To have every person living healthier, have a better grasp of beauty, and live out their best life.

Delivering and improving to develop better products and services to the world, making sure our world always gets the best products.


Hi, We are Qualis Nutri

We feel disconnected from the beauty movement that values excess. We want to slow things down and make sustainable beauty essentials that are designed to last.


Founders Rachel and XY Lee worked with many big healthcare and essential oils brands in the world. It became evident to them that the aromatherapy and healthcare industry is in the midst of an ethical and moral crisis over many years. The toxic ingredients, animal testing, are always facing resistance and pushback globally.

They decided they could find a better way to get things done better, getting better essential oil, healthcare products, and services created.

One new way where non-toxic, but natural ingredients can be used for our skin.


QUALIS NUTRI is started with one ambition to provide the best essential oils, healthcare products, and services to the world without using non-clean ingredients. We researched all kinds of healthcare, essential oils ingredients study, did R&D, testing to check for its safety and efficacy.

Our blacklist is a full list of restricted ingredients with clinical studies with researchers from different institutions, making it the strictest blacklist in the world.

We always keep the blacklists updated as science keeps improving. We make sure to always upgrade our formulations regularly to reach the best, effective, and cleanest essential oils, healthcare products ever created in the world.

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qualis nutri skincare

Growing up in Malaysia & Singapore

QUALIS NUTRI co-founder Rachel came to Singapore to study at a young age with her relatives since young. She moved to and fro from Singapore to Malaysia and Hongkong following his parent’s work with the government agency in these few countries. She spent most of her younger days absorbing and discovering many natural and traditional remedies used in Chinese medicine and have been used for centuries to cure skin issues.

Little did she know that all these will lead to the creation of QUALIS NUTRI one day. She strongly believes in making the world a better place with better products and services.

THE Qualis Nutri TEAM

Co-founder & CEO

Rachel is born in a small town in Malaysia, Seremban, and educated in Singapore since five years old. She teaches swimming lessons and is one experience web developer. Rachel’s interests, include swimming, cooking spaghetti, eating fruits & vegetables, and traveling the world. Rachel is one fervent Catholic and thanks to God always for giving her three role models like Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, and Benjamin Franklin to guide her to live a virtuous life.

Co-founder & CFO

Lee XY is born in Kuala Lumpur and graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy. Besides funding and developing effective and powerful essential oils and healthcare products, XY love to cook, yoga, running, and traveling around the world.

Co-founder & Creative Director

Linda is everything about graphics, designs, and all things creative. She likes to do photography and enjoy watching movies. She is always fascinated by how creations like good designs are done; this passion drives her to create better designs. She sells keychains and enjoys baking during her free time; she is often traveling in the USA and Indonesia.

Co-Founder & Senior Web Developer

Thomas takes charge of all operations and web development, making sure that the QUALIS NUTRI operations run smoothly. Besides creating fascinating websites, taking care of the functions. Thomas loves to eat spicy food; he is a judo black belt champion and always looking for new fascinating food to salvage worldwide.



Our clean formulations contain only safe synthetics and botanicals


We are an essentialist brand that uses only time-tested ingredients and doesn’t add a bunch of extra stuff to make it sound complicated or powerful. Fewer ingredients mean better and more potent healthcare products. Our essential oils are 100% pure, high-quality essential oils.


We are on a mission to help you get the best deals for all kinds of skincare, healthcare, essential oils products, and services all over the world. At the same time, we declutter and provide you with the essential information you need to buy only products in packages that you need.


We are a proud cruelty-free healthcare and essential oils company — we do not test on animals in any country, nor do our raw material suppliers, formulators or manufacturers

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