6 Reasons Why We Love Lemongrass Essential Oils!

After falling in love with it, we incorporated lemongrass essential oil into one of our most popular recipes. We now sell a brand-new lemongrass essential oil with reviving lemongrass and the original 100% pure, our extra-strength personal pesticide and repellent. Additionally, we now offer pure lemongrass essential oil! But why do we enjoy it so much, and why is lemongrass…

How Do You Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils have numerous applications. Here are a few simple ways to include them in your routine. DIFFUSION: Using a reed diffuser, room spray, or steam vaporizer, you can fill your home with the fragrances of essential oils. You can purchase a diffuser (various attractive models are available at major retailers and online) or create your own (instructions follow). INHALATION: There are…

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