6 Reasons Why We Love Lemongrass Essential Oils!

After falling in love with it, we incorporated lemongrass essential oil into one of our most popular recipes. We now sell a brand-new lemongrass essential oil with reviving lemongrass and the original 100% pure, our extra-strength personal pesticide and repellent. Additionally, we now offer pure lemongrass essential oil! But why do we enjoy it so much, and why is lemongrass oil so beneficial? We are glad you asked.

Here are our top 6 favorites for lemongrass essential oil.

It has a fantastic smell!

Of our favorite essential oils is lemongrass because of its energizing, pure, and nuanced aroma. Lemongrass has a sweet, wonderfully citrusy aroma that is attributed to citral, sometimes referred to as lemonal. Its distinct earthy scent somehow manages to be both calming and uplifting simultaneously.

It is fantastic for aromatherapy.

In addition to making the air smell amazing, lemongrass has many practical advantages. Lemongrass essential oil is reported to improve mood and lessen uneasiness and anxiety when used in an aromatherapy diffuser. Lemongrass essential oil has uplifting and calming properties, but some users also find that diffusing it relieves headaches, bodily aches, and mental tiredness.

It is a natural insect repellent.

Aldehydes are organic substances found in lemongrass essential oil and are a natural insect repellent. The natural insect-repellent properties of lemongrass deter fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and numerous other biting insects. Lemongrass is a powerful substitute for chemical-based pest control methods, whether applying it to your skin, clothing, or dog’s bandana or diffusing it on the porch to ward off mosquitoes.

It is said to eliminate topical pain. 

Lemongrass essential oil is highly valued for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent, and muscle-relaxing properties. Lemongrass essential oil is reported to offer topical treatment for everything from minor skin irritations to muscle discomfort and exhaustion when combined with a carrier oil or massaged directly into the skin. Quite impressive, huh?

It’s an excellent additive for natural DIY solutions. 

Lemongrass is a fantastic addition to a wide range of homemade essential oil combinations and solutions, including natural air fresheners, all-purpose cleaners, and scalp and skin care products. For advice and recipes on using lemongrass essential oil in your natural lifestyle, consult an essential oil book or internet resource.

It has many other applications. 

Lemongrass has been a significant part of people’s daily lives throughout history. This tropical grass has historically been used for everything from cleaning and mental stimulation to cooking and health care. The following are the traditional uses for lemongrass that may be found worldwide.

  • Migraine relief
  • Intestinal problems
  • Immune system protection 
  • Infection preventative 
  • Fever reducer
  • Fungus-fighting sedative
  • Antioxidant cleanser
  • Muscular relaxant
  • Relief from insomnia

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