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Resemblance of …

Main Accord: Aromatic, Citrus, Fresh Spicy

Top Note: Lemon, Petitgrain, and Orange

Middle Note: Rumex, Rosemary and Thyme

Base Notes: Moss and Geranium

Formulated by an Expert with more than ten years experience in perfumery. 

Spread liberally anywhere and at any time for a luxuriant aroma. Combine with another fragrance to create your signature scent.


🏆 Popular and reliable

💦 Light and invigorating

⛅ Suitable for whole day continuous use


Parfum contains between 15 and 40% perfume oil concentration, making it the most concentrated of all perfume varieties. In addition, this is the reason why it is the most expensive of all.

Twenty years ago, seeing unadulterated perfume was uncommon (Parfum). Possessing one is a different matter, as they are being sold at an exorbitant price. A modest 5ml of perfume could cost over RM 200 at that time.

Despite this! The happy times have arrived, as Eau de Parfum and perfume are now more widely available. Around 500 RM is reasonable for 100 ml of perfume these days.

Parfum can last up to 12 hours on the skin, and it is normal for this perfume to last over a day on clothing.

Fresh Spicy


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