6 Reasons to Use Lavender Oil for Skin

How is the lavender oil made and how do we start embracing its power into your normal routine.

How it’s made, how it benefits your skin, and how to start using it in your routine

Gone are the days when lavender was nothing more than grandma’s secret weapon for freshening up the powder room. From milk tea to marshmallows, cleansers to masks, it’s safe to say that this singular purple bloom is bigger than ever – and has been hailed a hero in the skincare world.

For those weighing the pros and cons of adding lavender oil to your beauty arsenal, we’re here to make your decision easy. We’ll give you the details about what makes this flower unique, and how to use its benefits for a clear, calm complexion.

Introduction to Lavender Flower

This legendary botanical belongs to the mint family, but its taste and aroma are wholly unique. The strong, crisp scent profile has been described as a mix of mint and rosemary with a sweet, floral twist.

It’s long history as a beauty and medical treatment suggests that lavender oil is far more than just a pretty plant.

Lavandula angustifolia has long been enjoyed in its oil form for its lavish scent and healing effects. Queen Elizabeth loved using lavender as a perfume, and even added it to her tea. Victorian ladies loved using lavender oil as perfumes, and it was even used as an antiseptic in the First World War.

Today, we celebrate lavender oil as a means to fight headaches, reduce stress, and even keep bugs at bay (bye-bye, mothballs)! We adore the benefits of lavender oil for skin, and take any chance we can get to slip it into our beauty routines.


Making Lavender Essential Oil?

Lavender oil is one of the top loved essential oil and has always been the favorite among many essential oil lovers. So how do lavender transformed from flowers into its well-used oil formulas?

Lavender is usually hand-harvested from the fields. The flowers are tied together in bunches and laid out to dry for several weeks. This is to prevent the oil from going rancid, and the buds are more easily removed from the stems when they are dry.


Following the next step. The steam distillation process is done on lavender flowers to extract oil from the sufficiently dried flowers.

The steam distillation process allows you to get the most benefits from the lavender plants without the contamination from acetone, hexane used with solvent extractions methods.

During distillation, lavender buds are placed above boiling water, and as the boiling water gently steams the lavender, the high pressure and heat push oil out of the flowers.

The steam carries the mixture of steam and oil to a condenser – this is where it’s cooled and turns back into a liquid. The steam becomes a hydrosol, and precious drops of lavender oil are naturally separated.

6 Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender is an oil made from heaven indeed. It is popular in Korean making skincare cream and facial products.

It provides the anti-inflammatory function together with ultra-soothing function for the skin together with a therapeutic scent.

With skincare entering the self-care realm, and more of us who are enjoying a 10 step Korean skincare routine more as pamper time rather than a chore, lavender oil for skin is a match made in heaven.

Here are but some of the ways you can use for your skin.

Fights Acne

Yes, it makes perfect sense to use an oil to fight acne. Acne often flares up when your skin does not have enough oil.

Dry skin can start to overproduce sebum (your skin’s natural oil) to compensate, leading to clogged pores and acne formation.

Lavender oil gently moisturizes skin and is non-comedogenic for pores.

Lavender oil is naturally antibacterial, meaning that it kills acne-causing bacteria that might infiltrate your pores. This makes the purple flower perfect for preventing, calming, and healing painful acne breakouts.

Full coverage make up do not have to clog pores. Antiseptic oil like lavender can be added into cream to aid in covering the skin, soothing, and refreshing the skin.

Combine them with a targeted acne treatment plan infused with tea tree or witch hazel for a one-two punch at acne.


Soothes Eczema and Dry Skin Conditions

If you’ve been itching away at dry skin patches with no hope in sight, turn to lavender oil for some much-needed relief. As we mentioned, lavender oil does a stellar job at balancing your skin’s moisture barrier, so that it isn’t too oily or too dry.

Massage some french lavender lotion all over, or a lavender body butter onto extra dry areas to promote soft, itch-free skin.


The effects of lavender are known far and wide for managing stress and reducing anxiety.

Not surprisingly, it offers the same calming benefits for your skin. You can use calming lavender oil for skin to help reduce redness, blotchy patches, and acne scarring.

Lavender oil’s anti-inflammatory properties make it great for soothing and healing skin that’s irritated or reddened from the sun, insect bites, or bacteria.


Skin Detoxification

When added into bath solutions, it produces an aromatherapeutic smell unmatched with any others enlisted into the essential bathtub oil itself.

After formulation, it comes in many forms such as crystallized keeps, liquid formula that provides a total self-care spa experience for you during a shower.

These bath salts deeply detoxify to purge harmful toxins from the skin, while promoting tension-release for sore muscles and a tired mind.

Tote along with our French Lavender Shower Gel in the shower for super cleansed and nourished skin, thanks to a concentrated blend of healing herbs, soothing aloe, and rose flower water, all rounded out by the dreamy scent of lavender oil.

Healing Injured Skin

The ancient Greeks used lavender oil to clean wounds, heal burns, and treat other skin injuries. Its antiseptic properties also help the skin to heal faster, while fighting and preventing further infection

Washing hardworking hands with a lavender-infused soap is a great way to maintain healthy skin while gently treating cuts and irritations.

The Lavender Butter Soap is made with a rich coconut oil base, formulated with lavender and rosehip oil to leave hands super smooth.

Wrinkles Prevention

Lavender oil is a potent source of antioxidants and other beneficial phytochemicals, making it useful for battling signs of premature aging. Antioxidants fight free radical damage, which is caused by environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution.

Supplementing your skincare regimen with antioxidants is an easy way to help protect against wrinkles, fine lines, and dark age spots.

Lavender oil is also incorporated into cleanser, moisture-rich lavender tonic, cream to help replenish the skin in a whole new three ways bonus methodology. The benefits of incorporating lavender oil for skin are endless.

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