Kiwi Fruits Benefits

If you are suffering from poor digestion, natural fruit juices can help. Some tropical fruits, like pineapples, kiwifruit, and papayas, have super enzymes that help the digestive system do its job.

And although these foods actually help your body digest food, herbs like peppermint and dandelion root kickstart your liver and gallbladder and increase the flow of the bile so that your organs work more efficiently.

Eating kiwifruit will help to cleanse the digestive system, and aid in digestion. They are rich in vitamin C and antioxidant vitamin E, they are also high in potassium and contain calcium and dietary fiber.

Kiwi – the natural digestive aid?

  • The potential function of actinidin in the digestion.
  • Breaks down protein
  • Improved digestion of protein
  • Better absorption
  • Digestive comfort

Powerful Antioxidants

Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit: From A Powerhouse Of Antioxidants To Inducing Sleep

Kiwi is no ordinary fruit, both in terms of the way it looks as well as its nutritional content. The vibrant green slices speckled with little black seeds have always worked wonders in sprucing up desserts and fruit bowls.

It is a sight for the eyes and the refreshing flavor makes it a favored choice among fruits. Said to be Chinese in origin, it has been valued for its medicinal properties since ancient times.

Ironically, along the course of history, it came to be known as the national fruit of New Zealand instead and was reintroduced to the world as ‘kiwi’ rather than its old monikers – yang tao and Chinese gooseberry.

Apparently, it found its way to New Zealand via the missionaries, and gained such popularity in the country that it started being cultivated commercially and was marketed as ‘kiwi’ (bearing a close resemblance to their national bird).

The Europeans and the Americans too dipped into its popularity, as they readily started using it in their cereals, desserts and other food items. There are many kiwi benefits, if you add the to your daily diet, it is known to improve your health in many ways. 

Placed under the category of exotic fruits, kiwi often features as a topping in pavlovas or in fruit bowls, salads, and smoothies. Very rarely it is cooked; in desserts especially, it is used fresh as an enzyme present in it tends to break down milk proteins rather quickly, interfering with the final texture of the dish.

It also acts as a tenderizing agent for meats, and is commonly used in the preparation of roasts and curries. However, to make the most of its nutritional value, it is said that the best way to have it is on its own, as a raw fruit.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 100 grams serving of kiwifruit has 61 calories, 14.66 grams of carbohydrates, 1.14 grams of protein, 0.52 grams of fat and 3 grams of fiber.

Kiwifruit is also known for its intriguing appearance and taste. With fuzzy brown exterior and glistening, bright green flesh, kiwi is juicy and refreshing with a sweet and tarty taste.

Kiwi fruit benefits: Placed under the category of exotic fruits

The Nutritional Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit

While we credit apple as the miracle fruit, kiwi is too loaded with essential vitamins and minerals and works in many ways to give you a nutritional boost. Here are some kiwi fruit benefits:

1. High source of vitamin C

If you thought that lemons and oranges were the highest sources of Vitamin C, then think again! According to the nutritional break-up of kiwi fruit, per 100 grams contain 154 percentage of Vitamin C, which is almost twice that of lemons and oranges.

Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant, eliminating free radicals that could cause inflammation or cancer. It also helps in boosting the immunity of the body against harmful pathogens.

2. Induce Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? According to a research done by Taipei Medical University, “Numerous studies have revealed that kiwi fruit contains many medicinally useful compounds, among which antioxidants and serotonin may be beneficial in the treatment of sleep disorders.”

It is said that having two kiwi fruits one hour before bedtime can help immensely in inducing sleep.

3. Good Source of Dietary Fiber

This exotic fruit is loaded with dietary fiber, which helps in the prevention of numerous diseases. According to a study done by the University of Leeds, “Increasing consumption of fiber-rich foods can lower risks of both cardiovascular disease (CVD) and coronary heart disease (CHD).”

According to researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, high fiber foods keep one full for longer and control metabolic markers like blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. It also facilities weight loss and is often recommended to diabetics.

4. Aids Digestion

Kiwi fruit contains an enzyme known as actinidain which is known for its protein dissolving properties, similar to that of papain in papaya. This is the reason why it is commonly used as a meat tenderizer.

Moreover, it helps in the digestion of proteins in the body and is also known to help patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

Kiwi fruit benefits: Kiwi fruit contains an enzyme known as actinidain

5. Good Source of Folate

It is not without reason that the Chinese valued kiwi for its medicinal properties. It is a good source of folate, which is said to be beneficial for pregnant women because it helps in the development of the foetus, making it healthy. It is also considered to be good for growing children.

6. Powerhouse of Vitamins and Minerals

Kiwi fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, B6, B12, E, and potassiumcalcium, iron and magnesium. These contribute collectively to the proper functioning of the body such as blood circulation through the vessels, fight stress, iron absorption for healthy bones and teeth, good vision, etc. The high levels of potassium, 312 mg per 100 grams, help in maintaining blood pressure whereas magnesium helps in the nerve and muscle functions.

7. Beautiful Skin

Kiwi is alkaline in nature, which means it helps in countering the effects of acidic foods that we quite often consume. A healthy body is one which has a good pH balance, which helps in keeping you active, full of energy, and with a youthful skin. The vitamins prevent in kiwi (C and E) are said to be great for the skin as they act as antioxidant, preventing skin degradation. Take a few slices and apply them on your skin for good results.

In addition to the above mentioned qualities, kiwi fruits contain omega 3 fatty acids, carotenoids, polyphenols, and promotes heart health. Meaning, benefits of kiwi are innumerable, adding them to your diet will be quite beneficial. 

Using Kiwi Fruit as an Ingredient

If you are looking for interesting ways to include kiwi fruit in your diet, here are some simple recipes to help you get started –

1. Melon and Kiwi Fruit Smoothie

Vicky Ratnani blends away a power shake with kiwi fruits, melon, honey, milk and oats. Now that’s a lovely combination.

For the recipe, click here.

Kiwi fruit benefit: This is a refreshing drink that you would love

2. Tangy Prawns with Kiwi Salad

Prawns mixed together with nuts, kiwi, herbs and dressing, and served with mushroom. A simple and delicious treat. For the recipe, click here.

Kiwi fruit benefits: Prawns mixed together with nuts, kiwi, herbs and dressing

3. Kiwi Pavlova

COMMENTSPavlova is New Zealand’s national meringue based dessert. Chefs Nikhil and Natasha whip up their version of a pavlova with a pistachio-almond meringue and kiwis. For the recipe, click here.

Kiwi fruit benefits: Pavlova is New Zealand’s national meringue based dessert

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