PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether

PPG-20 methyl glucose ether provides cleansing agent formula.

Mild naturally derived humectant, Alkoxylated methyl glycosides, such as PPG-20 methyl glucose ether (Glucam™ P-20 Humectant), a solvent offering good fragrance fixation properties as well as interesting sensorial benefits such as the reduction in tackiness.

It provides excellent performances in AP/DEO formulations containing antiperspirant agents (e.g., aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum zirconium chlorohydrate derivatives) by reducing white residue left on the skin and subsequently transferred onto textile substrates.

Key Features and Benefits

  • It is derived from natural sources
  • Humectant
  • Stability enhancement
  • Reduction of antiperspirant white stain transfer marks
  • Good spreading and sensory profile
  • Mildness
  • Fragrance fixation

It effectively reduces odor, and also show excellent sensorial properties and reduce white stains and marks on both clothes and skin.

Understanding the interplay between the polymer and surfactants is important since the polymer may affect the rheology and performance of personal care cleansing formulations

The formulation containing PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether also shows enhanced stability compared to the one without this humectant.

The formulation without PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether showed oil separation after 2 weeks at room temperature while the formulation with this humectant remained.

Alkoxylated methyl ether glycosides such as PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether can be formulated into antiperspirant and deodorant compositions to mitigate white stain transfer onto skin and textile substrates while providing some humectant and a good sensory profile.

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