Skincare For Men: 9 Products Every Guy Should Be Using in Singapore
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Hands up if you heard how men’s definition of skincare stops at washing their face with shower soap (the thought alone makes us cringe).

The good news is, skincare for men is becoming a more prevalent topic these days and some men actually take an interest and effort in tailoring a skincare routine they enjoy!

But first things first, some hard truths about men’s skin. Men’s skin is known to be tougher and thicker than a woman’s because of a higher testosterone level. Males also tend to produce more oil and that’s why their skin is usually grimier than a woman’s. Couple all that with Singapore’s high humidity levels, sweat and dirt clogging our pores, pollutants from the traffic…ok you get the idea.

To make things easier, we’ve narrowed down three types of skincare products men in Singapore absolutely need in their lives! Invest in these three and we can assure that not only will your face be cleaner but your confidence will peak too!

Best Facial Wash For Men

Facial wash or cleanser is probably the most basic skincare men’s product ever! It removes dirt, oil, bacteria, pollutants, dead skin cells…something which a bar soap or shower gel is not designed to do. So please, please, just buy one.

1. Hera Homme Purifying Cleansing Foam

skin care for men hera homme

We at Shopee love anything that’s two-in-one. This facial wash not only cleanses but is a shaving cream as well, so no more excuses for those who ‘forgot’ to wash your face! The fine-textured foam cleanses the skin and removes the build-up of sebum and dirt from the day while its polymers keep the skin comfortable for a shave.

Hera, is a sister brand of Laneige and Sulwhasoo that has been delivering raved about makeup and skincare products for twenty over years. 

Hera Homme’s dedicated skincare line for men ranges from the essentials right up to anti-aging. If you want to venture further with this brand, we hear the Homme Essence In Skin is another must-try!

2. Lab Series For Men MAX LS Daily Renewing Cleanser

skin care for men lab series

Another two-in-one product, the Lab Series MAX LS Daily Renewing Cleanser works on every skin type. It builds into a rich cream cleanser and removes impurities while keeping the skin’s natural pH balance in check — possible by their proprietary technology, Aquatron.

It also doubles up as a deep-clean mask! So, be sure to leave it on your face and let all the goodness soak in before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

As one of the OG skincare for men only brands, Lab Series prides itself on using technological innovation to push the boundaries in the industry. With a Molecular Age-Less Complex in almost all their products, you can reclaim your younger-looking skin — perfect for Singapore’s notorious stress levels that make many of us age faster!

3.  Nivea Men Mud Serum Foam

skin care for men nivea

You will never go wrong with this old Nivea available everywhere in Singapore. This could well be your very first skincare wash when you step over the threshold of puberty.

And if you’ve religiously stuck to it since then, we don’t blame you, for this is still considered to be one of the best skin care product line for Singaporean men (psst, it helps that it’s very affordable too!)

The Nivea Men Mud Serum Foam harnesses the benefits of Ice Mud technology and features the power-house skincare ingredient, charcoal. Charcoal is brilliant at unclogging your pores and carrying the dirt away.

When you first apply this product, it’ll look exactly like the mud masks that ladies are so gaga over. Splash a little water on your face and the mud changes to foam that tackles all that build-up of oil.

Oh, did we mention there’s a serum in it too for that extra boost of hydration? Yup, this is actually a three-in-one face wash for men!

Choose from the anti-acne or brightening mud serum foam and put this to use! Ladies, slip this into your guy’s gym bag — he may protest but he’ll thank you for it one day!

4.  Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash For Men

skin care for men kiehl's facial fuel

Men tend to use the excuse that facial cleansers dry their skin out but Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash For Men banishes that sentiment almost immediately.

It’s infused with naturally derived ingredients in an interesting combination of caffeine, vitamins, and citrus to invigorate and clean out your skin without stripping it of natural moisture.

Users have also attributed it’s cooling gel consistency to being the perfect wake-me-up in morning showers!

Kiehl’s is a popular skincare line for men in Singapore. Whether it’s the clinically designed bottles or the lab coats of the retail store personnel, we don’t know for sure! But there’s something so reassuring about it. If you already are a fan of this men’s facial wash, pair it with Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Tonic to tighten back those pores and provide the perfect finish to your skincare routine.

Best Toners For Men

Think of toners as the ‘closing of the door’ to the inner layer of the skin. Once you’ve done all the good work on the insides of your skin, it’ll be a shame to see that effort go to waste if your pores remain open. These bad boys tighten our pores so that nasties stay out and goodies stay in!

5. Innisfree Forest For Men All-In-One Essence

skin care for men innisfree forest for men

Innisfree’s skincare line for men, Forest for Men features a unique phytoncide complex — a blend of Cypress, Cedar and Pine tree extracts from Jeju island. Phytoncides are known to protect the skin and reduce signs of skin stress.

Innisfree Forest For Men All-In-One Essence is a skincare product that in part pays homage to the K-beauty’s skincare routine.

It combines both the benefits of toners and essence (a concentrated formula used after toner) and targets wrinkles, loose pores, dull skin tone, and other aging-related concerns while making sure the skin is firm and clean. Swipe your face with this essence after your facial wash!

Looking for the perfect gift for your man? Innisfree Forest sells their essential products in a set!

With its gentle and natural formulations, this is one of the best skin care product line for your man to get started on!

6. Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner

skin care for men aesop toner

Aesop’s apothecary-like bottles make it hard to resist owning one of their products. If not anything else, the heavenly and clean fragrance from the Parsley Seed, Lavender Stem and Blue Chamomile of the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner will win you over for sure.

It’s alcohol-free and will wipe away last traces of grime and dirt before you apply that moisturizer and sunscreen!

This Aussie brand uses all-natural ingredients and is one of the best skin care product lines for men who appreciate finer details of skincare ingredients — we think there are a growing number of Singaporeans who actually do care.

Slip this brand into a conversation on your next romantic date — we guarantee she’ll be impressed!

Best Men’s Moisturiser With Sunscreen

Moisturizers create a protective layer of moisture that’ll seal everything in place. On the other hand, sunscreen does more than prevent you from getting tanned. We thought it’ll be best to feature products that combine these two because hey, skincare hack 101! But first, read our in-depth article on what Singaporeans need to know about sunscreens — to fully understand why you need it in your life! Did we also mention that babies need sunscreen too?

7. Neutrogena Men Triple Protect Face Lotion With Sunscreen SPF 20

skin care for men neutrogena triple protect face lotion

This lightweight non-greasy face moisturizer includes SPF 20 and combats both UVA/UVB rays! It also soothes razor irritation, moisturizes dry skin and fights signs of aging by reducing the appearance of fine lines.

With its pocket-friendly price point, Neutrogena (available on Johnson & Johnson’s official store) is one brand you can go back to again and again. It’s also one of the best skincare for men lines to get your puberty ridden teens on!

Just be sure to apply this to your freshly shaven or cleansed face every morning. If you’re going to be out in the sun the whole day, remember to re-apply this every two hours for the best protection!

8. Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 35

skin care for men lab series tinted moisturiser
(Credit: u4ea_moments)

Lab Series wows yet again but this time with the Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 35. For our uninformed male friends, BB can stand for Blemish Balm/Base — a miracle makeup product that was probably raved about by your female friends a couple of years ago but for good reason too!

It not only provides a layer of coverage to even out skin tone and acne scars but also hydrates your skin. Throw in a broad spectrum defense at SPF 35 and you’ve got a winner for the male version of BB cream moisturizers!

Do note that there might be some streaking with this product because of the makeup-y consistency. If you’re comfortable with that, then this is definitely one of the best skincare products for men to cover any redness or irritant acne scars that don’t ever seem to clear!

9. Clinique For Men SPF 21 Moisturizer

skin care for men clinique spf moisturiser

This is a skincare product perfect for men who love sports and outdoor! The Clinique For Men SPF 21 Moisturizer is oil-free and quickly absorbs into the skin.

A little goes a long way for this product so lather some before heading for your soccer game! Don’t worry about grease or the white sheen often associated with sunscreens. Trust us, this probably one of the lightest layers of moisturizer and sunscreen you’ll ever use.

If you’re looking for a sunscreen that tackles oilier skin, then go for Clinique’s Oil Controlling Mattifying Moisturiser! That’ll sort you right out!

We hope the world of men’s skincare isn’t as daunting anymore! Remember, not all products will work well on your skin!

So do your research before investing in a skincare product and check out the other skincare products for men on Shopee’s men’s grooming page!

In addition to putting your best face forward (pun intended) with the best skin products, you should aim to smell nice with our list of the best men’s fragrance too!

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