Can you use Body Wash Products for Body Skin on Face Skin?

The skin’s condition on our body and face is formed in the same way. Skin problems occur as if the pores were dirty and unclogging. Instead, our skin is covered with millions of tiny pores.

For example, acne occurs when the pores are clogged with old dead skin cells and excess sebum oil.

Bacteria grow in these clogged pores and cause acne. Cleansers such as Qualis Nutri Salicylic Acid Cleanser, which contains 0.5% salicylic acid, are formulated for use on the face and can also be used on the rest of the body-acne on the body, what you have!

Spot treatments such as Qualis Nutri salicylic Acid Spot Treatment and BP Spot Treatment can also be safely used from head to toe, especially wherever stubborn acne appears.

Qualis Nutri Resurfacing Acne Wipe is an easy way if you want to incorporate exfoliating into your skincare routine.

A blend of glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid can be used anywhere on the face, chest, and other bodies, improving acne and acne, overall skin tone, texture, and dark spots.

You Should Not Use Body Products on your Face.

Skin is different for each person, so what we’re about to say doesn’t apply to everyone. However, in general, most products prescribed to treat body ailments are made with a higher percentage of active ingredients because this skin is thicker, stronger, and more tolerable.

As a result, these products are effective and should be used on your body, but sometimes they can be too harsh on your face! If you’re looking to fight acne, body wash and body treatment sprays such as Qualis Nutri BP Body Wash and Salicylic Acid Body Spray are the best bet.

Qualis Nutri BP Body Wash with five benzoyl peroxides kills bacteria that have invaded clogged pores and forms acne, pustules, and nodules.
Salicylic acid body spray containing 2% salicylic acid can improve and prevent darkening and darkening by generating mist from a 360-degree spray nozzle—ideal for reaching every corner. You can find both in the Qualis Nutribody Acne System.

Exfoliating is important if you want to improve rough skin, bumps, KPP-prone skin, or ingrown hair on your body. It is guaranteed by Qualis Nutri Glycolic Acid Body Scrub and Glycolic Acid Body Lotion.

Glycolic Acid Body Scrub is a shower treatment containing 10% glycolic acid, lactic acid, and willow extract.

This scrub improves rough, dry skin by chemically and physically scraping old dead skin cells with small granules to soften and moisturize the skin.

In lotion, glycolic acid breaks down dead skin cells, hydrates the skin by drawing in water molecules, and the added shea butter traps all its water. Both are in the Qualis Nutri Body Smoothing System.


Your facial products can be used on your body (although you may run out of them sooner …), and your body products should be limited to your body! Now, clean your skin with TLC.

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